01 July 2013

Review: BJD Doll Tights

Have you ever wanted to be a doll?
Every time looking at BJD-doll, I think that I would like to be as exquisite and graceful. These lovely little dolls inspired me to work on their appearance to become more charming and graceful.
In the meantime, I'm working on myself, just a little feel like a hinge doll helped me magic tights with a print-joints. Putting them, I just feel like a big doll!
I was looking for a very long time, these tights, but, unfortunately, could not find anywhere else. Fortunately, a month ago, I found them! Quickly ordered and waited for his charm. Came to my lovely Japanese pantyhose Nude Sox. Let me show you them more closely?

Some information and pics from the seller: 

Nude SOX BJD Tights
Length/ Size: 150-175 cm
Material: Spandex
Thickness: 50 den
Origin: Japan (made in China)
Original price: ¥3,990
Price: $12,99

Some pics of this tights on other girls.

I am absolutely in love with these tights! They are very lightweight, soft and comfortable. Furthermore, they ideally suited to the length of me. The only thing that's a bit annoying - I have to correct the back to make them look normal. The rest  they look very impressive and most importantly so dolly!
In addition, a very high quality printed image with the joints. On the Internet I saw another pair of tights, but there has been shifted image hinges on what print pattern on the tights seems to be very bad.
I bought two pairs of tights in case one pair gets messed up. I am a very frugal person in this regard. I am happy that I have these tights!
(P.S. Pic is more lighter than reality)

My legs look even more dolly in these tights when I wear shoes from Centro. I bought these shoes for work. But also wear these shoes just like that, with these tights. Looks very nice and gentle.
I think these tights are perfect for girls who love to stand out and shock others. In addition, these tights are perfect for cosplay of dolls and doll characters. Thus, these tights are very popular for lolitas. I've seen a lot of pictures with Japanese lolitas dressed with this tights.


Thanks for reading!


  1. На твоих ногах прекрасно смотрятся. :)

  2. Ноги слишком длинные для колготок походу

    1. Да вроде нет, сидят очень хорошо :3 Я специально их поправляю, чтобы они сидели именно так.

  3. хорошее дополнение для образа куклы :з

    1. Абсолютно согласна :3 Они замечательно смотрятся с разными "кукольными" платьями *_*

  4. I love them! I will but 2 pairs in the case i buy them ahahaha