17 June 2013

夢展望 : fifth order review

About two weeks ago a parcel of clothes from 夢展望 came to me. It was the "duty" of the parcel I was waiting for. At first I had problems with the fact that money from my card wouldn't be charged. I had to call the bank and fix the problem. Then, in Japan, it was a "golden week", and during the whole week my parcel weren't sent to me, but it had to be sent before the beginning of the holidays. The culmination of all this was the problem with the Russian Post, and eventually my package came to me after 5 weeks from the date of order! I had also problems with EMS-delivery - since I live in an apartment of my BF, I had to fill out the form to forward the parcel to the address. But the parsel reached the place of sorting earlier than my form came to EMS so I had to go and take my parsel by myself, and then drag a box through Moscow to 5.5 kg. However, all came in one piece. And I'm really happy about that.
My high autumn and spring boots, ankle boots, shoes from the new summer collection, bag, skirt and refreshments came! Now, more about all the clothes.

 Heart Heels - White                     Ribbon Boots - White

Knee Boots - Pink                    Lace Skirt - Camel

Bag - Milky White                        Yukata - Black

夢展望 PICS


Shoes. Most of all I was waiting for them. It was love at first sight when I saw them on the site. Since all bought pink colored hime stuff, I thought about it and decided that my wardrobe is not enough about the white color. That's why I decided to order the shoes of this particular color, to my lovely lace dress. But in fact the shoes were not pure white, but gentle milky, pleasant to eyes. It is a beautiful shoe heel in the form of heart is my favorite. The only negative - the flowers on these shoes are made of fabric, and the fabric that is crumbling. I had the most to cut threads and carefully attach the edge of the petals. But in general the shoes are incredibly beautiful and comfortable!

Booties. Booties, unlike shoes, are turned pure white. Outside finished with leatherette, and fur inside ...! They are very warm, so it fits not only in late autumn, but in winter. Heel short and wide, making boots are very comfortable and stable. Ribbon with a bow is easily removed, and boots can be worn without it. In general, boots are more like footwear in Lolita style.

Boots. At first I thought they were large to me in size - but the size of my feet exactly, but in the "neck" they are very wide to me. Maybe all this is just because I'm too skinny. Suede boots trimmed by lace and bows around the edges. Bows are also made out of suede. Boots specially stitched with pleats (which I do not like), but as for me they are wide it looks like it's better than if they were just straight.

Bag. I chose it to my new shoes and made ​​the right decision with the color - it is also a gentle milky. It has 6 pockets - two on each side, one on the back and zippered, one in a large zippered compartment and two in the big branch for details. Love the interior trim - fabric with polka dots and it's dark milky. The bag is made of artificial leather. At the bottom of the bag has a gold rivets - analogues of the "legs" bags. long strap attached to the bag to wear it on the shoulder.

Skirt. I decided to order a skirt in the style of classic romance. Since the last time I was very drawn to the muted and the "standard" color, I chose brown (and it can be easily used in himekaji style outfit). When I was making the order I was thinking that the skirt is made ​​of thick suede-like fabric or something like that. But no, the skirt is flowing, made of the very light and delicate fabrics, reminiscent of something like silk. As I expected, the skirt length to half of the thigh. Decorated with knitted lace, very soft and beautiful. And has two layers.

Yukata. I ordered yukata for a photosession in a Japanese garden. However, sakura blooming was a long time ago, and I got a yukata just now. Nevertheless, the photoshoot will be, and I am very happy that I now have a yukata! Love the print with roses on a black background - black looks better than pink. With the Japanese yukata go geta sandals, big beautiful obi bow and hair accessory made of the same fabric as the yukata.
Now I don't want to show you how does it looks on me 'cause I want to wait for a photoshoot.

In general, I really like these clothes. Can't wait for the moment  I can dress them up!
And I can't wait for a photosession in a wonderful yukata!

You can buy this items here if you're interested:
Thank you for riding my post!
Your Maya~


  1. Awww, you got the cutest things! I really like DreamV even though some say the quality is a bit hit or miss. ^.^ I really like the skirt though! Maybe I should get one for myself? I can't wait too see your photoshoot!! I'm sure you'll look spectacular.

    1. Thank you a lot, honey! I really glad that you like this post ^-^ Don't think that DreamV has a bad quality, I always get clothes with awesome quality, so I've never had problems with it!

  2. Those are really lovely maya! I love the shoes and bag you pick ^^ last time I ordered from dreamv too and the bust is too small though it's the largest so now I can't wear it >_< I wanna buy again but scared haha. Maybe I should just buy the shoes and bags next time thank you for this post ^^

    1. Aaaah, thank you, darling! <3
      It's such a pity when clothes don't suit you, I understand this awful feeling... >.< T.T