03 April 2013

How to combine colors in clothes

I think there is no such girl, who had not thought about the question "What to wear? '. At all the problem is not only in what is a piece of clothing to choose, but as a harmonious combination of colors in the form, as when color scheme of the image is constructed so that all colors are in harmony with each other - that's 50% of the success of your look.
Better it turns to combine color from designers and artists - people with a strong sense of color, their combination and mixing. Of course, this skill is not given to everyone, but it can be developed. The easiest way - by trial and error (self "assembly" of the image). Many people rely on pictures from magazines and the Internet, the models on the catwalk, memorize any combination of different subject of clothes and color scheme - is also a good contribution to the development of taste and style.
Many interior designers and fashion designers are based on the so-called "color triad" (Itten color wheel) - a scheme that facilitates their lives.
Its essence is isosceles triangle located in the ring in different colors so that when placed in the center of the circle all its vertices are placed on the colors that fit together best. There are other uses of this triad:

The classic triad - so the three colors that are equidistant from each other. Example of the classic triad of green, purple and orange. This composition looks quite lively, even with the pale and saturated colors. To achieve harmony in the triad, take one for the main color, and two others are used for emphasis.
Analog triad - a combination of the three colors in the neighborhood in the color wheel. For example, green, blue-green and yellow-green. These color combinations are very harmonious and used to create a soft, comfortable and non-irritating compositions. It is also important to choose one color as the core, and the other two used to support.
Complementary or additional colors - the colors, located on opposite sides of the color wheel Itten. For example: red - green, yellow - purple, etc. Such combinations always look very rich and fresh. In order to strengthen one of the opposite color, loosen the other color part of a couple.
Contrast triad - the colors that are on opposite sides of the circle, a complementary version of the color combination. Just this case we use the colors that are located next door to the opposite color. For example, we had a complementary colors: red - green. So, now we will replace the green to yellow-green and blue-green. This is more soft compared with the combination of complementary colors, so to speak moderately contrast. If you are not sure that you can properly use complementary colors - use contrasting triad.
Four harmonious color - scheme consists of four colors. This scheme provides, perhaps, the most number of variations of its constituent colors. To make it easier to balance the colors, one color should be selected dominant, the rest - the subsidiary.

Now on the Internet there are websites with color schemes and "color triads," helping to choose the right color scheme. Remember that in the preparation of all the colors of the image on the saturation and brightness to be the same  -  do not to combine pastels with bright acid colors. Thus, portals with color triads:

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