03 March 2013

Tutorial: Nose Shape

I think that every girl aspires to perfection in everything. And gyaru especially. But everything is given very easy and simple to someone, and not to someone like me, for example. Raises a number of problems which have an explanation - European and Asian faces have great differences.
I decided to look into some of these issues, describe them and bring a solution. All articles on this topic are tagged gyaru problems, so I combined them into a single column.
Today I want to write about a problem like .. nose. More precisely, not the nose, and its irregular shape.
I madly envy all the girls who have a neat little dolly nose. I had no luck with this - I have a pretty wide and a big nose, I never liked it.
The first problem - I have a very strange structure of nose, the middle of the bone expands and then cartilaginous part tapers, forming a strange and not very beautiful "arcs" on the nose. All anything, but from a different angle of the nose it seems humpbacked what I don't like (and who likes this?). But in fact, my nose is straight.
The second problem - I have a wide nose and nostrils. Ideally, if we draw straight lines vertically so that they pass through the points at the corners of his eyes, the nostrils will also be a little touch on these lines. The wings of my nose beyond the lines.

I decided that one day I'll make rhinoplasty - this is the solution to the second problem. The fact is that I don't trust any "pins" for the nose, they can make the wings of the nose is much narrower, but it raise the tip of the nose, and I don't want to be a snub-nosed.

I don't care that many accuse me of artificiality, but that beauty demands victims! And I want to be very beautiful. Now I want to talk a bit about solving the first problem. Solved it very simply with makeup, that is contouring.
I think it is not so hard to search in the Internet how to contour. However, as I have a particular problem, I have to work at it more closely, in order to emphasize the shaping of not expanding the bone. Earlier I had to contour with any unwanted card  to get a perfect straight line. Now I like to "draw nose" myself. But, when I in a hurry I still resort to a method with the business card.
Here is a good nose contouring video tutorial from YouTube.

I made a little tutorial "Princess nose contouring' for you, so enjoy it!


  1. That's cool! Thank you for your tutorial!

    1. You're welcome! I'm always glad to help you!

  2. You don't have a big or ugly nose at all! Please don't consider getting rhinoplasty, you really don't need it. I was actually quite shocked when I read it. Your nose is very normal, very lovely and suits your face.
    Also, you should realise that faces with perfectly tiny noses can look very boring and less unique. You're good the way you are. There are a lot of women with much bigger noses! Honestly, yours is more than fine.

    1. Wow, thank you for such kind words!
      I didn't know someone could think that my nose is normal because I've only heard from other people that it's big enough..

  3. охх , надо опробовать ^^ Спасибо. Ты пишешь просто замечательные посты *-* Одно наслаждение тебя читать.

  4. Looking for contouring tutorials and found your blog. I just have to say, it's great; informative and interesting, and your presentation is direct but very charming! Love love. Secondly, I think your nose is beautiful! It is perfectly shaped, especially that little elegant taper at the end. Sorry that sounds corny, but you should know!

  5. i still don't really understand, because i have a big nostrils too, and if i contour my nose with two traight dark color, then what about the nose wings? 'cause, it do make your nose thinner, but then it just looks like a straw stick onto a blum :)) the problem is the nose wings!!!

  6. I though I was the only one with this nose shape. Our noses are so alike I'm almost shocked. I also, use makeup but realized we are beautiful because we are all different. I embrasse the nose lol. =)