25 March 2013

Exhibition of dolls

March 8th was the day when me and my bf have been on a wonderful exhibition of dolls. There has been an incredible amount of dolls and toys made by hand. All these dolls and toys were for sale and were very expensive. It is understandable - The work of authorship!
The exhibition occupies two floors and several rooms, and it was very interesting and exciting to walk there. It was like back to my childhood! Many porcelain figurines, stuffed animals, teddy bears, doll furniture ... Even BJD!

I was very glad I came on this exhibition because I wanted to see excellent dolls of Marina Bychkova! Unfortunately I haven't seen them, but I've seen some other beautiful dolls and toys. 
Cute plush cats
Magical tree house
時女。Toki-onna (time-woman)
The Beatles dolls
The 'Venice' Doll

Little Baby Alice

After the exhibition we went to the GUM - there were so much flowers and pink and purple colors - all because of international Women's Day! So beautiful!


  1. Вам награда ^_^: