10 January 2013

夢展望: Fourth order review

Today I got my parcel with blue nekomimi dress and black lace sandals. I ordered thats all from 夢展墓  at last days in december and waited for then for about 15 days.

I was a little surprised when the courier asked for my passport - I usually simply take package. The second thing I was surprised - in a box with things was a lot of paper for the safe transport of goods. The first time I saw it in my parcels from Yumetenbou.
Dress has very bright blue color with qualitative black stretch lace. At first I thought it was a dress for summer - but the fabric is very dense, it can be worn in spring and autumn - on sunny summer days it will be very hot. It can be worn as a dress and a cardigan.
Small pockets of dresses play more a decorative role - I do not think they are comfortable from a practical point of view. 
A gold chain has small gold pendant in the form of ribbons.
Fabric is made of polyester (65%) and rayon (35%), lace made from nailon (90%) and polyurethane (10%)
Shoes are very comfortable. Bows are made of artificial leather. Lace is not dense, but strong. The platform and heel are transparent, heel height is 11.5 cm, platform height is 3 cm.
Well, how do its all look on me.
As you can see, a wide belt must be a little below the waist. But as I am very thin, the dress completely "hanging" on me.
In general, I am very happy with my purchase. I will wear it with great pleasure.


  1. That dress is seriously cute! I love that colour it's so pretty on you! And those shoes are so pretty!

    1. Yes, I like them too!Actually I wanted to buy this set too, but there's no more in red colour T_T