17 December 2012

J-Fest 2012

Hi everyone!Long time no see.
I've got a little time now - all because of my exam session in university, so I had no time to post something.
Today I'd like to tell you about J-Fest - the festival of modern japanese culture in Russia. It lasted for two days and started on the 1 of December (ended on the 2 of December). Unfortunately I was only at the first day of these wonderful celebration. It was quite wonderful and funny!
I was the 4th festival of contemporary Japanese culture in Moscow.
So, let me say some words about it!

Firstly, It was my first festival, really. I've never been at cosplay or anime festivals before.
The Festival had a rich program. I was not in all 'rooms', but visited an exhibition of anime characters, master class of Japanese confectioner, the lection of Japanese designer and the competition of young designers. Another were the Lolita fashion show and Tokio fashion show.

Of course I wear hime style that day. And I used simple makeup without false lashes and lots of cosmetic.

At the festival I meet Lehna - one of russian hime girls. She was so much cute. We were together for about all the time at the fest. Firstly we came to see the competition of young designers - one of our friends, Julia, was a competitioner. She made awesome look for gyaru model, she is really good designer I think, but unfortunately she didn't win.
After the competition we took some photos and went to eat something.
I've bought lots of japanese sweats. 美味しいね。
Me and Lehna
Julia and her model
Me and gals went to watch Gothic & Lolita fashion show (this defile was at Gothic & Lolita Festival in September). After that - fashion show from popular japanese brands. There were such cool brands as Listen Flavour, Putumayo, Super Lovers, Algon Quins, Galaxxxy and others. I really love clothes from putumayo and Super Lovers, but unfortunately I can't buy something -  too expensive for me.
And of course there was show from Ash - the best stylists were working on models looks.

I was really happy to meet Saiya. She is the best russian himegyaru as I think and I really love her for her kindness. She is my great inspiration to become perfect in everything. She was in her wonderful Jesus Diamante dress *o* 

I've bought some accessoires from her Dolly House shop as I always wanted something from her wonderful shop. We were talking all the day. She is very interesting and good person!
Cute accessoires from Dolly House I got 
After that I met another my friend. She was in cute lolita dress with little bows *-* Together we went to listen to the lection of japanese designer Tomoko Tagawa. She is awesome designer as so as she can made a dress using just one square piece of fabric! It was wery interesting to watch how she makes a dress on the scene. So much simple, but stylish!
We're before Tomoko Tagawa's lection
After lection I've bought J-Rock Star Magazine. Love this mag very much~

To finish these post, I'd like to show you some pics of professional photographers with me, interesting models and some persons.
 Pavel Kirilov's photos.
Takamasa Sakurai leading festival

Working stylist from Ash
Part of brands fashion show
Me and Lehna at Japanese Kingdom of Characters. We were watching japanese anime characters and I was talking with her about Ayanami Rei's talia. 'Look! She's so much thin! And small...And her legs shorter I thought...'

Pics from Sengie portal.
Julia and her model at designers competition.
I'm in love with this guys :'D They were so funny!
My legs in lacely hoshiery...
...So I was surprised to see this kind of photo...of me... (._.)'
Saiya-hime and two cute lolita girls
Parts of fashion show

Just Moolty
's photos.

Saiya-san again! Awww, I love her so much!
Lehna and Saiya

I don't know cosplay of what character it was but I really like this idea to decorate japanese umbrella with  flowers *-*

One more model from designers competition. Gothic Lolita model.
And others pics, hell yeah! I look ugly xD
(and yes I don't know WTH with me on the 5th pic. Strange pose lol)

Models from fashion show

Other girls from designers competition

The winner of the competition

Other interesting persons I was glad to meet. Lots of kigurumi girls and lolitas

Thanks for your attention!

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