16 November 2012

J-rock Horror Party and rokku style addict

Long time no see~
I had no time with my university life because of a lot of my homework. Too serious..
Well, I've done all I need and now can write something about my life.
Firstly, I was at Horror J-rock Party - it's a Halloween party on 5th November ~ Need to say that it was really cool party at all. I've danced for about 5 hours. D'espairsRay, Halloween Junky Orchestra, Golden Bomber, Dir en Grey, The GazettE... So much good music and friendly atmosphere, I was so happy to meet new people and make friends. But if I know a lot of these people nobody can remember me after the alcohol, lol.
Some of JustMoolty's pics~

Three of Erolution K-pop Cover team

My dear Jenny and her friend

Mila. Cute girl that was dancing with me all the party 
Roger (party organizator) & Kain


Pics with me~

Some pics from Kate's (Jenny's friend) iPhone.I'm so creepy ugly :D

I totaly dislike my look for that party, but can't do smth now, lol. It was funny.
Transforming-into-bitchy-girl masta :D Without any makeup I always look like a 14-years-old girl.
And I didn't try gyaru makeup for that night.
Want to say that after this party one guy wrote me he had wanted to become acquainted. He said he likes me. I was totaly surprised, really (boys never looked at me because I've never been cutie. Or not never but usually. And not all the boys but persons I liked). He's a 20-years-old nagoya kei fan and looking like a typical J-rock fanboy. He asked me for the meet once...
...and now we're dating. Yep.
He is a nice guy, but I feel nothing to him. Not in love.  But I really like him. 
Because of my new koibito I'd like to wear something in rokku style. I've always liked spikes and dark colors, and now I like V系, but I've never tried it. Now I want to wear hime clothes and punk/V系 clothes. It's boring for me to wear one style all the time. 今私はロックギャルも姫ギャルもなりたい。(is it right in grammar? )
So I bought some rokku accessoires. Cute skull ring and  hair accessory.
And I were at my lovely lingerie shop and saw this wonderful nightgown made of lace. It's so much soft, comfortable and delicate, so I'm in love with it. Wanna buy~
And the red lacely dress is so much cute and suits me. Do wand. MOM PLEASE :D
Always wanted something like this. 

Now I'm going to bed. this week was too hard for me, and I slept for about 3-4 hours  every day.
Good night, cuties.


  1. You're so perfectly thin it's unbelievable! I love that outfit *_*

    1. Awww thank you <3 I was workin' hard on my figure this year, so this is a result of big work on myself *w*