05 July 2012

Friendship is Magic

Hi everyone!
Tomorrow was my meeting with my honey Akemi. She went to Moscow for about two weeks from Chelyabinsk, the city where she lives now. I was glad to see my honey because we know each other tho years but I could see her only with Skype. And now she's here, in Moscow, and I can hug my girl!

Firstly, we visited Moscow's purikura.  I don't like our purikura çause I think It's too old and works bad. But I'm glad we have it. Me and Akemi made a lot of cute and funny pics. We were so pretty ah *-* I wasn't dress Himegyaru style, just gyaru, for me it was the most comfortable as so as the weather in Moscow is too hot and made something like bohemian hairstyle.
Ate pizza in the Sbarro . It was so delicious * - *
Akemi lol xD

 Awww she's so cute and dolly *-*
 After that we went to the Red Square. Akemi was searching for kawaii asian boys lol. We walked and sang something from the LM.C's songs. Then we lay on the green lawn in front of the Kremlin wall and told. And Akemi has done crazy video about us for our friends xD
We saw a black guy dressed like Peter I. It was very funny - a black leader of the Russian Empire xD.
Akemi was photographed with Comrade Lenin.

Then we went to the trade center "Golden Babylon", to the Accessorize. I bought there two beautiful flovers *-*

We walked for about 7 hours. And I wore my lens and my Yumetenbo shoes with heels for about 10 hours. I was so tired! I even slept in the bus when I went home! But I was glad that I meet my dear Akemi.

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