26 June 2012

夢展望: Second order review

Hi minna!
Yesterday  I got my parcel with Yumetenbo clothes. I've got a pair of wonderful pumps, long summer dress and 3 cute bags.

 I was going to buy this dress about a year ago but I couldn't. And I was in love with cute bag with a big bow. So I got it!
Firstly I want to say some words about mint pumps . I'm totaly in love with them! So much comfortable in using. Cute design, lovely pink laces and big bows....awww~
I admire heels in the form of heart - original and so romantic!
My black bag is smaller then others but it's more heavy. 
 Fabric of dress is very soft, gentle and slight - perfect for summer walks! In addition, the dress and shoes perfectly blend with each other.
So I'm glad for my new clothes. All of them are too cute for being not mine :D.

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