06 June 2012

Review: Bella Artists Peach + Eva Barbie Eye

Today I want to make a sponsored review for my new circle lens. I've never done any reviews before but I'll try to do it well. I hope it would be interesting for people who don't know what are these two pairs of lens I bought.
All my lens are from Party Kingdom shop. This shop has free international shipping, and all the models of lens are really safe! So I've ordered my lens for about 4 weeks ago and I got them two days ago because of bad russian post work. The first are grey and the second are too (but they look like black). It was my first experience in getting circle lens, and seller approved my hope to get pairs of good quality lens. It was a little hard because there was no track numbers to track my lens during the shipping but now this shop has this option and you can track all your orders!
My lens are Bella Artists Peach and Eva Barbie Eye.
Lets start the review with some basic information about these lens and what the manufacrures wrote about their producs. Lately I'll tell you my opinion about this information.
Bella Lens promise us to give the effect of enlarging eyes to 20 mm! It's a really big number, but the real diameter is no more than 14.8 mm. Usage of these lens is for about one year.
Eva Eye promice us that the diameter of these lens is about 17.8 mm, but I don't think it's true, because as I know circle lenses can't have diameter more than 16 mm. So, we'll try it and see how much true it is.
Now let's talk about these lens, what it look like and try it on. 
Design of these lens is really adorable! Just a look at these adorable bottles with lens gives me a good thoughts about how do these lens look.
Closeup picture with day light:
Bella lens are really gorgeous! Since I am the owner of the gray eyes, these lens fit me perfectly. Inner edges of lens blend perfectly with my natural eye color that makes my eyes larger visually.Nevertheless, the outer arc of the lens is very thick and is clearly visible that produces lenses. Nevertheless, it allows to emphasize eyes and make them brighter and more visible. These lens are ideal for those who want to get really big dolly eyes! I don't know how well they cover dark eye color, but they look really elegant with light shades of eye.
Pictures made with day light: 
Pictures made with room light:

Eva lens are very cute too! At first moment I was afraid to buy it because I didn't know what effect these lens can do with my light eyes. But it wasn't a waste of money, and these lens are magnificent! The design consist of lots little roses with spirals and outer cornet, and it makes my eyes look unusual. I can't describe what effect it is but it looks very cute.
I don't think these lens can suit dark eye colors because it will be merged I think. So be careful if you want to try lens like this. 
Pictures made with day light and my mobile phone (without makeup):
Now let's try these lens and check some advantages and disadvantages and give these lenses some ratings.
I'm sure that it would be better to give some rating because it would be easier to describe these lens with advantages and disadvantages.
I'll rate them by design, color, effect and comfort.
Both pairs have very goo design. It looks good and make desired effect of big and dolly eyes. The design suits light eye colors perfectly. 
Both pairs have a great enlarging effect! Moreover, because of color merge Bella lens look quite natural at inner corner. These lens are really great to make dolly look and really big eyes. 
Eva lens have another effect. They make your eyes look stained-glassed! Their enrarging effect not as good as Bella lens have but it's enrarging too. Perfect design for gothic or fantasy makeup!
Bella lenses are really comfortable! I can wear these lenses all over the day! I haven't any problems with putting it on my eyes at all. These lenses are not noticeble during wearing it and fit to ocular surface.  
Eva lenses give me a little discomfort. When I put the lens, I can't look on the light for the first five minutes - otherwise my eyes hurt. Also, after extended wear, my eyes get very tired, and I receive sensitivity to light, eye pain, severe fatigue and discomfort.
Price is good for both pairs. Bella lenses are a little more expensive than Eva lenses, but the price justify the quality. Bella lens cost is $20.99 and Eva lens cost is $16.

Summing up, I'd like to say that I really love these awesome lens. They suit me so much and make my look more dolly. Unfortunately, I have some problems about comfort with Eva lens, but I don't think I't so much important to me when I can wear these stunning lens.Moreover, some information about lens (like diameter) is not true, because it's just an effect. But, ofcourse, you need to think about that point and buy these lens at your risk. Be careful!
Thank you for reading!


  1. You look so cute with these lenses ! Especially the Bella ones! It looks so natural on you and you look like doll (-*o*-)/

    May I ask, where did you get these lenses ? >.<

    1. U look cute and hey I love the cursor on ur page xoxo

    2. Thank you a lot, cutie <3
      I bought my lens at http://www.contactlensdropshipping.com!

  2. Oh God. You are so cute!
    You look very pretty without make up.
    If you wouldn't live so far away, i could marry you... :3

    Sweet kisses :**

    1. Awwww, thank you a lot, princess! It's a pleasure to read such kind words! ♡

  3. Maya, these lenses look beautiful <3 Where did You order the lenses with 20.00 mm diameter ? I usually order from PinkyParadise or Solution-Lens and their biggest lenses are 15.00 mm.
    Also I invite You to my blog about circle lenses, www.rungginnaam.blogspot.com
    Kisses <3

    1. Thnak you a lot, princess!
      Yes, these lens are just looking like they're 20.00 mm diameter but it's just an effect!