24 May 2012

夢展望: First order review

Hello, Himetachi!
I've got my clothes from 夢展望 about a week ago.So I'm in love with them!!!!!
 I've ordered these clothes: two onepieces, one pair of shoes, tights, short pants and Sleeing Beauty Leg Socks(long type).I waited for my package about 16 days since she was detained at customs.

 And here are my babes ~

 Lovely pumps! They're so cute! I wore it on saturday when I walked with Deksu-kun in Moscow (I think I'm in love with him, he is so much cute guy and looking like Miyavi desu! xDD). All the people looked at me like I'm too crazy hahah! Shoes should be spread as they are still very narrow..
I strongly love bows and lace. I think they look very soft and girlishly charming.So now I'm going to order clothes from Yumetenbo constantly. I want gentle and beautiful clothes!
What about Sleeing Beauty Leg Socks - I love it.These socks are very comfortable and help restore blood circulation in the legs after the high heels. As the high heel shoes I wear often, I have often aching pain in the legs. Now I wear them every night and wake up in the morning with a feeling easy in the legs. So good!

And one more pic. Agejo style~ 素敵!!!


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